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Because our free events provide local women with adventures and unique hands-on opportunities to learn new skills in a safe and positive community.

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Share your favorite activity or event! Host an adventure of your own, and make a difference in the lives of the other Outsiety women in your community.

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Your donation directly empowers local women to pursue new skills, adventures, and friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

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Your Donation | All financial donations enable the Outsiety team to coordinate hosts, plan and market events, gain and maintain business sponsorships, and more! Your support keeps Outsiety events FREE to the public.


It Takes a Team | Since it's inception, Outsiety has been bootstrapped and run on a minimal budget, but to keep the momentum going we need your help. Support us by donating, helping with small aspects of the business management and event planning, or hosting Outsiety events.

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Restoring the Value of Female Friendships. 

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