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Support outsiety events for women so we can keep it free

Support Us

Invest in new skills, free events, & adventures for women

We Need Your Help

invest in outsiety


100% of your contribution will help towards ongoing costs such as our website, graphics apps, calendar app, misc events expense, etc.

We strive to develop and organize Outsiety so that it will grow and exist for women for many years to come!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Will you make a small $10 gift today? Or donate more if you love our events and mission!

contribute your talent to one of outsiety events


Do you enjoy photography, social media, marketing, or other business-related skills? Donate your time and talents to help continue growing our safe and positive way for women to connect!

As a start, will you add '#Outsiety' to your positive, non-religious, or non-political social media posts?  This is a simple way to help bring awareness to our existence.  

Your expertise will strengthen the foundation of our business, upcoming events, and sisterhood.

join in the fun and make new friends at outsiety

HOST or join in the fun!

Share your time, skill, experience, and knowledge! Host an event and make a difference in the lives of the other Outsiety women in your community.  There is no need to know how to post or make graphics; we will do that for you!  We ask for your #signupandshowup as a host or participant!

Your active participation will ensure a full calendar of new adventures, workshops, and more.

Thank You

Your donation directly empowers local women to pursue new skills, adventures, and friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

outsiety biking, cooking, reading, skiing events

Your Donation | All financial donations enable the Outsiety team to coordinate hosts, plan and market events, gain and maintain business sponsorships, and more! Your support keeps Outsiety events FREE to the public.


It Takes a Team | Since it's inception, Outsiety has been bootstrapped and run on a minimal budget, but to keep the momentum going we need your help. Support us by donating, helping with small aspects of the business management and event planning, or hosting Outsiety events.

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