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Outsiety is dedicated to creating a space for women to connect, have fun, be real, and feel supported...

Restoring the Value of Female Friendships.
'OUT'siety: 'out' of your comfort zone | 'out' of your house | 'out' with new friends!

Discover Your Next Adventure

Join the OutsietyCrew for a variety of free local events in the Flathead Valley of Montana and beyond!

Check out our lineup of women-led experiences and events in Hood River, Oregon and beyond!

Share your favorite activity or skill with a community of positive, encouraging, and welcoming women!


'out' of your comfort zone

'out' of your house

'out' with new friends!

ladies get out of your comfort zone

Free Events | No membership fees. We advocate for affordable and inclusive experiences.

Local Hosts | All of our events and activities are hosted by OutsietyCrew women, like  you!

Partnerships | We collaborate with local businesses and brands for gear, funding, and more.

Giving Back | We host volunteer events that allow us to give back to our neighbors and community.

Connect with Your Community


We show up for each other.

We value the unique.

We are compassionate.

We dare to try.

We are the OutsietyCrew!

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Our Mission | We are passionate about growing a community for women which is consciously positive, encouraging, supportive, and welcoming of all ages 18+.  

Join Us | Chase adventure in a safe space and create experiences to remember for a lifetime! Don't let your insecurities of ability, age, or group dynamics hold you back any more. Outsiety is here to help women grow, learn from one another, and just plain have fun!

Find Your People

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Make a Difference

 Empower local women to pursue new skills, adventures, and friendships in a safe and supportive environment!

empowering women

Our local events are free... with your help!

Outsiety | Whitefish, Montana • Hood River, Oregon • United States

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Restoring the Value of Female Friendships. 

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